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Lyrics in Search of Music

Lyrics in Search of Music eBook

Volume III—Welcome to Another Day above the Ground

di Aaron C. Jones

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Aaron Jones began writing poetry in the late 1980s. He was inspired by his brother Eddies band, Southern Acoustic, to compose his poems in the form of songs so they could be easily adapted to music. Aarons series of poetry collections is entitled Lyrics in Search of Music due the fact that Eddie could not write music to words already written. Aarons poetry covers a wide range of topics, from the ups and downs of love to taking one step at a time to get ones life back on track. He has created his poetry collection with the hope that at least one poem may have life breathed into it through the pairing of his lyrics with the right music. Each poem a lyrical feast waiting to be launched by the perfect melody.“A unique journey towards mankinds constant search for hope. It closely mirrors emotions that everyone experiences and can easily relate to …. The elements of great music lie within these pages waiting to be discovered!”—Maleah Bagwell, LMSW


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