Robin Pembroke: Pirates & Winged Horses

Robin Pembroke: Pirates & Winged Horses (versione in eBook)

di J.B. Pelts

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A rip-roaring, non-stop, adventure-packed ride, Robin Pembroke: Pirates & Winged Horses is a true page-turner that is a pure un-put-down-able read!Robin hadn’t foreseen pirates playing even the remotest part in his upcoming school holidays. But then again neither had he expected to find a secret treasure map, uncover a dinosaur fossil, sight a legendary lake monster, or make three incredible new friends. That though, and much, much more, is exactly what happened.Join Robin as he discovers his inheritance of a house on the mythical island of Corentin off of the southwest coast of England and ends up spending his summer chasing a centuries-old fantastical pirate mystery with his new friends Georgie, Millie, and Olwenn.After finding a secret entrance into Smuggler’s Cove, clues start to mount up that point to the fact that not all of the pirates had actually died during the ambush there in 1812, and quickly secrets begin unravelling as Robin and his friends chase the story of the pirate Captain Longshadow across the island.With its curious Breton heritage and oddly mysterious stone giants that stand guard over Corentin’s eastern shore, the kids race from castle ruins to haunted inns to cannonballed ships as the five weeks of summer disappear in an adventure-filled haze.

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The solving of one mystery leads to another taking its place, the questions mounting along with the kids’ realization as to the enormity of what it is that they are uncovering:- Why had the merchant ship Kerezenn really sunk?- Where is The Duke of Normandy’s lost treasure?- Whatever happened to the pirate ship Firemast?- What was true reason that the lighthouse wasn’t working that night?- And who really is Captain Longshadow?Meet a wonderful cast of characters, from friends to foes, who seek to help and hinder: Alfie Andrews and his friends Nigel and Margaret who are computer wizzes and come to Robin’s aid; the streaked haired Ezzie Telfair who dreams of being an archeologist; Georgie’s brother Greg together with his girlfriend Vicki Painter, who herself has a fantastic knowledge of the stone giants; Seb and Angelina who seem to have a particular hatred of Robin’s new best friends; and the always-welcoming, very-bubbly Bernie and Barbara Bonfils, owners of The Green Dragon.Oh, and what’s the story with winged horses???

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  • Genere6-9 anni
  • Listino:€ 0,93
  • Editore:Smashwords Edition
  • Data uscita:17/11/2015
  • Pagine:-
  • Formato:EPUB
  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9781310281273

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