The 7-Day Smoothie Diet

The 7-Day Smoothie Diet (versione in eBook)

Lose up to a pound a day--and sip your way to a flat belly!

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Drink Two Delicious Smoothies a Day and Watch Belly Fat Melt Away! **Sculpt the body you want and help bulletproof your health with the foods you love to eat--in just seven days! ** Yes, it sounds hard to believe, but when you look closely, it makes complete sense: Simply replace two meals with creamy, nutritious smoothies, and you can lose up to a pound a day and train yourself to eat more healthy for life.  Here's the secret: These smoothies are packed with more fat-burning protein, fiber, and superfoods than you'd get in a dinner with three times the caloires! And they are totally satisfying and delicious. You'll never feel hungry again! Here's what a typical day of eating looks like on the 7-Day Smoothie Diet:  **FOR BREAKFAST: **A tall glass of high-protein smoothie called Chocolate Peanut Butter Power.  **FOR LUNCH: **Enjoy chicken salad with pistachios.  **FOR A MIDAFTERNOON SNACK: **Key Lime Pie smoothie!  **FOR DINNER: **Sheet-pan roasted vegetables with chicken or savory beef stew.  You'll find more than 100 good-health recipes for smoothies and hearty meals inside the book. Plus...we'll demonstrate a "Get Moving!" exercise plan that'll help you burn hundreds of fat calories throughout the day. No gym required!  **You can lose up to a pound a day while slashing your risk of the debilitating diseases of aging. ** The editors of *Eat This, Not That! *have created a super-simple 7-day plan to cancel carb cravings and trigger rapid fat burn. All it takes is replacing one meal and one snack with a belly-filling shake. It's weight loss at the push of a button! 

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