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Short tale about Ruha’s Egg

Short tale about Ruha’s Egg (versione in eBook)

di Baltasar

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Particularly prominent figure, definitely aiming at rethinking and evolving everything that is considered vital essence in conceptual relationships between culture and communication. For this reason, his work explores the idea in parallel terms of analysis and perception. His plays are highly original. The author is able to emphasize the component immanent / transcendent human being. The Critics Award for the Theatre section is assigned to the "Short tale about Ruha’s Egg". This theatrical play is beautiful and meaningful and Baltasar is the author of both the text and words, and of scenografy by Baltasar . Each of us is born in a context that is ours. It is just our own context, and of nobody else. Our life, our existence, might appear the one of someone else, but instead it is, even in the apparent smallness and anonymity, unique and unequaled. Our own certainties, our collapses, our joys. Our training, be it a regular or self-taught one. Education and continuous cultural growth (really desirable), in every age of our life. Everything, then, becomes part of that unique and matchless creation of our lives. The definition of our being as a person. Apart from the social position and the work that each person carries out: these features affect only the immanent level; whereas the man, placed a "step" above this level, has a dual component: immanent - transcendent. …Ruha, having observed the egg from all directions, walking all around it for a while, stretched out under a crystal table and stood there, belly up, and totally, totally concentrated. He was anxious to have another point of view. That is what he wanted. He said to himself: a curious position, yes, but still a different place from which I can look at things in a different way…

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