The Local Milk Cookbook

The Local Milk Cookbook (versione in eBook)

Eat More Magic

di Beth Kirby

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Global tastemaker Beth Kirby, creator of Local Milk, the digital journal devoted to home cooking, family, travel, and slow living, with 1.2 million followers, shares her moving life story, signature style, and 150 whole-foods, mostly vegetarian recipes inspired by her family's travels throughout the US, Japan, France, and Morocco. In just a few years, Local Milk has grown from the passion project of a girl from Tennessee to a brand with an international following over 1.2 million strong. Fans are drawn to Beth Kirby's magical yet relatable way of thinking about and connecting to food through travel, photography, family, and love. How Kirby cooks is simple: it's basic, everyday food--elevated. She celebrates seasonal, wholesome, mostly plant-based ingredients with flavors inspired by her travels and the special, life-giving ingredients she's discovered around the world. Whether she is cooking at home in Tennessee, in her apartment in Paris, or in a machiya in Kyoto, her strategy is the same: she establishes an eclectic but non-perishable pantry of 100 items or less and utilizes local, seasonal, fresh ingredients that she mixes and matches. With inventive and globally inspired recipes like Kimchi Bulgogi Nachos, Saffron Orange Broth, Miso Butter Tomato Carbonara, and Coconut Juniper Chocolate Cookies, Kirby seeks to transform our cooking experience. Meat is used sparingly and recipes are mostly made up of nourishing plant based ingredients.This is not health food, it's just food that's created from real, whole ingredients to help busy, real-life cooks find the rhythms, ratios, and routines that make life easier and more special.

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