A Case for Murder: Aaliyah Files

A Case for Murder: Aaliyah Files (versione in eBook)

di Bryn Curt James Hammond

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Aaliyah's sun-drenched body writhed like a serpent on the sandy beach in the Bahamas, her eyes teasing the lens as she moved in time to the hypnotic rhythms. Only hours later Aaliyah and nine others would be dead, but not before she left her indelible imprint in the sand and on the music industry. Her legacy lives on. Aaliyah Houghton's life was filled with fame and fortune and her career was untouchable in its originality. She was one of the first girls on the scene, part of the R'n'B revolution where women were sexually liberated and singing about it, and producers became more experimental, not scared to push boundaries with their artists. By 2000 Aaliyah was one of the most sought-after, critically acclaimed hip-hop soul singers of her generation and had now successfully made the transition to actress in Romeo Must Die and the highly anticipated Queen of the Damned. But before Queen of the Damned could be released Aaliyah's life was tragically cut short. On August 25 2001 Aaliyah, accompanied by employees of Virgin Records, died as their light aircraft crashed after take-off. Aaliyah suffered from severe shock and a blow to the head and her body was burned beyond recognition. She died instantly. Was Aaliyah intentionally put on the wrong plane? Was the plane deliberately overloaded with false idols? Was she worth more dead than alive? Was anyone aware that, just 18 days prior to the tragic plane crash, pilot Luis Morales III had been charged with a felony for cocaine possession? Is this A Case for Murder? Bryn Curt James Hammond, author of the best-seller A Case for Murder: Brittany Murphy Files, explores the disturbing and shocking death of the R'n'B legend. He looks at the murder theories behind the artist's death and examines how the crash might have been prevented.

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