Love After War

Love After War (versione in eBook)

Shadows in the dark, #5

di Charisse Spiers

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What's done in love may end in war. There is always someone worth going to battle for. Often after there is a brief moment of peace. A time to reflect. To love. To be thankful you survived. To stand at the fork and decide which way you're going to go. Here we are. Together. We made it to the end. And though it was hard and blood was the sacrifice, we're happy. Love changed us. And ours was wrapped and decorated with a pink bow. They call her the darling of darkness. All hail the king. Once an asshole always an asshole. Isn't that how the saying goes? In my case, it's true. Regardless of how much he loves me, Kross will always be Kross. First in line. Always in command. Ruler over his queen. Towering over his kingdom from his throne. He's the monarch of it all—tattoos, weapons, the world. He's lawless. Has no fear. And because he's soulless, he's well on his way to becoming the most powerful. I'm the one he wants by his side. What Kross wants, Kross gets. My post-partum break is over. Despite my love for our daughter, I'm ready to come back to work. I have plans. I'm ready to spread my tattoo wings and fly. But the thing about peace—it rarely lasts. I may not be in a cage, but the leash will never come off. Once again, he's making his move, and although he'll win the war, I plan to win the battle. Kingdoms may fight, but we're going to see how it ends when the war is fought between the king and the queen. Note: Love After War and Forever Marked will be interchangeable as they follow same timeline. And Love After War will lead into a spinoff series about the tattoo shop and those characters.

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