Fantasy In Ety Mol (on theme of genders and sexes)

Fantasy In Ety Mol (on theme of genders and sexes) (versione in eBook)

di Chris Myrski

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Introductory remarks || There is nothing new under the Sun, except the form of the old things, and here and there some new details, you know this, I suppose. Still, the form can be something pretty catching (the eye) sometimes, and the details quite often make the dance. With what I mean that I have explained almost everything in my enormous “Urrh” (cum commentis), then I have for a second time given expression of my unique — you bet it — ideas in my “Letters” (to the posterity), but the good thing of well designed work is that when new ideas arise they fit well in the picture, they don’t reject the core but enrich it — and my ideas are thought through, I at least am convinced in this. Besides, nobody reads me thorough, and new details really arise by me (on the border between dream and reality, when I am awakening but not entirely). So that I thought there will be nothing bad if I write a kind of essay on the theme of genders and sexes. | The plan of narration will be roughly the following. In this beginning “movement” I will provide you with some basics for the further points making you familiar with the way I will give all foreign words, because the English language is nearly the worst of all other langs (and I will begin also to make some shortenings of often repeated words). I have begun to give a thought or two to the way for writing of all words (in all langs) in the way how they are to be pronounced before more than a decade; I will give this pronunciation in single quotes (when there are, anyway, two kinds of quotes) and the double ones will mean literal quoting, how something is written. Yet my early ideas concerned a world-wide alphabet, while here I will use one later idea of mine, the so named “Myrski’s English Transliteration” (METr), for using the old Lat. (for Latin; like also, say, Fr. for French, Eng. for English, Sl. for Slavonic, Bul. for Bulgarian, Skr. for Sanskrit, etc.) alph. (for alphabet), and surely not only for the Eng. lang.

Quarta di copertina

| Then in the second movement, which has number 1, I will dwell about the grammatical genders, what is good and bad in them, and how they have to be used if we want to approach the things logically. These are pretty interesting observations, especially on the background of Eng. lang., which has tried to make a good step forward but has done a pair of wrong ones backward. In the next movement I will add smt. (for something, I, at least, use this word pretty often) about the fem. and masc. (obvious shortenings) beings, which theme I will treat in more details in the part number 4; here will be focused chiefly on the pronouns, diminutives and some words for fem. professions, which reveal unexpected funny (not to say cynical) ideas. In the part number 3 I will explain (again, yeah, after my cited above books) the various sexual organs in various (several) langs, where are hidden quite interesting ideas, which are piquant enough to be mentioned again, having in mind that are mostly unknown (being chiefly my guesses). In the fifth movement (with number 4) I will make some philosophical observations about both sexes, which are, for one thing, too simple to be subject of deep scientific researches, but, for another thing, too important to be known by everybody, what they are not. And in the last part I will share with you my recent guesses in the old man- root (or syl. for syllable) where appear some funny moment, suitable for the final accords of this my Fantasy, which will make you not to forget this “music” and want to hear /read it from time to time again. |

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