From Bulgarian Language To Worldwide Alphabet

From Bulgarian Language To Worldwide Alphabet (versione in eBook)

di Chris Myrski

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From the Introduction. | The topic of this material isn’t new for me, it has a history of more than 10 (rather 20) years and I have dedicated to it several materials, both in English and Russian, like, in the beginning “An Illiterate World”, after some time “Myrski’s English transliteration”, then a whole folder in Russian titled “??? ???? ???-????? ” (“For All CIS People”, where to the theme are: “????? ???????????”, “??? ?????????? ??????”, and “??????? ???????????”), and later an adapted folder of the former titled “For Arabs, Chinese, and Hindus (the best world language” (where important are all things: “Bulgarian Lessons”, “Under Bulgarian Banner”, and “Down With The English (language)!”). Despite of this in the 20-th year I have squeezed nearly all this following material in one big explanatory dictionary in Bulgarian (yet under other pseudonym), and have decided that it is worth to include it also here in slightly adapted form in Russian and in English, due to the exceedingly high (according to me) importance of the problem in focus for the whole world, though primarily for the Slavs. | Probably the main reason for this, that people pay practically no attention to me is the fact that I publish myself on popular sites, not on specialized such, but the point is that there are, in principle, no sites for /worldwide alphabets/ (this, surely, is a narrow topic, and inter-disciplinary too). Besides, I am not certified etymologist (if there exists such education), and my main specialty is mathematics and programming, so that I am a foreign person in such circles and the people simply would have paid no attention to me also there (for they are not paid for this). But, people, from this follows that all is reduced mainly to finding of financing and setting of the question before the necessary instances, in view of what I am trying to make interested the common people, because the question touches mainly them.

Quarta di copertina

Well, I don’t think that “the ice will brake” while I am still alive, yet it is my duty to try to bring the question, together with my propositions, to as widely as possible mass of people, so that do not judge me too severely, but try to find time to read this paper, I have made all efforts to write it maximally laconic. | As far as this material is the last for the moment his main difference from the others is that it is more schematic and all-encompassing, so that it as if must be read as /first/, and if somebody will be interested in details, he must then look at the before mentioned things, i.e. this last material must become first for all readers from now on. Although significantly shorten it is as if more straightly directed at the main goal, the creation of worldwide alphabet (based on the phonetics of Bulgarian language and Cyrillic alphabet), as well also at the taking of Bulgarian language between as possible wider circles of nations (preferably firstly between the Slavs) as standard language (no matter officially or not, because the way to other languages, in my view, goes through the Bulgarian). It is high time for other languages to shift the English language out of the undeserved forefront among the languages, and I raise the candidacy of Bulgarian, yet I stress, /language/ (no politics, or economy, or our habits, and so on, what are entirely different things, …). | Taking into account that I do not want to use here Bulgarian, i.e. Cyrillic, chars, yet I am speaking about transliteration of all languages with Bulgarian alphabet, there might have been arisen some severe problems before me, but I have occasionally solved them before about 5 years in the mentioned “Myrski’s English transliteration”, which is good also for all languages and offers one nearly bijective transliteration. This is big material, but if very succinct the main things there are the following: … ||

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