Letters To The Posterity (Popular Philosophy And Explanation Of Life)

Letters To The Posterity (Popular Philosophy And Explanation Of Life) (versione in eBook)

di Chris Myrski

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Abstract (cont.): Many of these things are explained in other books and papers, yet because I am nearing my 70 I can have what to say to all of, supposedly my, descendants, and a bit of repetition (if somebody has read all my things, in what I don’t believe) does not hurt. Here I am trying to make the material interesting and palatable for all (well, for those who have inquisitive mind and don’t search only for actions and thrillers, know how to get pleasure from the mere thinking). | The letters become at the end exactly 50, I have also fixed their maximal volume to 4 of my A5 pages (a bit above 10,000 chars), or 2 folded A4 pages what seems enough to me. I will put here the very beginning of the first, and the very end of the last. || To Aaron | Subject: introduction, about the book, purpose of life, transliteration and reading of foreign words. | My dear Aaron, | I hope that it will not turn that there is some other of my descendants with name like Aaleph, or Aabee, or something, because I intend to make this letter my introductory one and all letters have to be ordered alphabetically, you know. So let me tell you of what kind they will be. Well, these /are/ letters, and you, as well also the other younger than me people, are some of my possible descendants so that it is quite natural to accept that this is really so, isn’t it? And I am going to tell you all some things that I know but you possibly don’t, because nowadays people tend to think about nothing (though, maybe, they have always been such – in order to allow to those who like to think about many things to stand out, to become famous, like me, I suppose, ah?), so that you better accept that I am your great-great-great-grandfather, who shares his (immense) wisdom with you, not much brainy adolescents (even if you have grown quite old).

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And the wisdom in this case has to be generally about life, how to live it reasonably, so that this has to be some life philosophy, and I want to tell this to all my readers in the beginning, because if you don’'t want to be taught (what is the usual case) then you have just to close the book (or exit from this file) and go to have some refreshing sex, I suppose. | On the other hand I want to tell you, my dear Aaron, that I don’t intend to fill your head with some special knowledge, be it from mathematics, be it from physics, or biology, or chemistry, etc., so that there will be nothing difficult to grasp, and in many cases these can be trivialities, at which people just don’t pay any attention. Like the question about the purpose of life, for example. Because it is well known that the life has no purpose, unless to continue to exist, that it is even some kind of /error/ of biological matter, but they are not so many the people who have come from here to the thought that exactly the lack of purpose in life allows us /to seek it/ all our life! For the reason that if you accept that there exists some purpose of life, then for so many millenniums people would have /found/ it and after that moment there would have been again /no/ purpose, so that why not to take from the very beginning that there is no purpose and not to bother more with this question, right? And this is the reasonable behaviour of all animals, who (the animals are alive, for me they are not things) don’t put at all this question in their heads, they just feed themselves and copulate (when there can be some result of this act, not merely to “practice” it), and again feed themselves and copulate, and so on. | … etc. … | And now, my dear Zuki, it is time to part with you and to wish you all the best, with one small, but this time /un/traditional, poetry about the very | M_aybe I am not as clever as I think, | Y_et I like to question everything and ponder. | R_eally, in this way the emotions sink, | S_till

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