The Right Way To Get Old (advices to the pensioners)

The Right Way To Get Old (advices to the pensioners) (versione in eBook)

di Chris Myrski

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Contents | 0. Introduction General look at the medication Dangers of the transition to old age Cares for the body Cares for the brain Conclusion APPENDIX: Listen People Old And Young! | And then some things from the Introduction There are, in some aspect, two kinds of knowledge, in whatever area, yet I don’t mean here factual (like, usually, in humanitarian disciplines) and procedural (like, generally, in the exact sciences), but one more general division of real, professional knowledge, and some common sense reasoning, which, however, can be of big importance nowadays. I mean that the common sense reasoning can make sometimes (even funny) errors, but it is much faster and generally looked right in the majority of cases, and it must be present in the heads of people, but this is not the case, most often, because such knowledge seems unprofessional or dilettantish or amateurish. The classical (at least for me) example here can be that of the rotation of the Sun around the Earth or vice versa, where for the life on Earth the rotation of the Sun is quite a good acceptation, no matter that for several centuries the erroneousness of this is proven. Historically in all spheres of life firstly have appeared some inexact observations and statistics (like .. the Zodiacs, for which I believe that they are based on some probable statistics, but are put in unbelievable environment of invented fables — because the people /want/ to be deluded). With this beginning I want to excuse me if I will say some not really proved things, but when they seem very probable I take them for proved.

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Because I am not some specialist in gerontology, or social sciences, or medicine, biology, chemistry, or the like, no, I am just a person who has learned enough (in the field of the exact sciences) in order to be able to make logically sound conclusions; in other words I am an /intelligent laic/ (how I have named myself), what means that I am intelligent, to be sure, although one is right to say also that I am a laic, what I also am. | … | OK, and now the plan of the material. First I will show you what is my view to the real medicine, and that this is etymologically hidden in many words, and when so this is the meaning of all wise men from times immemorial; i.e. there are no reasons to reject all these advices only because the contemporary medicine does wonders, because it simply … tries to /compensate for/ our wrong way of life, and such approach is in itself wrong, the right one is to lead reasonable and proper (or wise, or just) life. Then I will turn your attention to the dangers of transition to our old years, at least because /each/ transitional period is worse than the two levels (the previous and the next) and many people simply can not come to the next one, but also because the aging is worsening of our ability for /adaptation/ and the transition is a kind of adaptation, as well as our whole life is. Then in the third chapter I will speak about the cares for our body, which we all neglect until are young, but when cease to be such it is already late; I will say here something about my /models/ for some mortal deceases, and about the organs of our body. Then in the fourth chapter I will give you my advices for the brain, which is the core part of our individuality, hence this is the ruling of the body, this is what keeps us fit at the top level. Then will follow a summing up conclusion, yet this is the end only of the prosaic part of the essay. But as far as all my social essays have a poetical Appendix, it must not be absent here, too, and it is worth to b

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