The Marquis Papers Volume Two: The Red Hand

The Marquis Papers Volume Two: The Red Hand (versione in eBook)

di Christopher Maloney

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“I am a fraud. My title, my power, my very name are not my own. How I came to be the most damned of men is set down here as my final confession. In these pages I will tell how I broke bread with Vampires and shared their friendship. In my confession I hope to explain the Great London Fire of 1666, the proliferation of plague deaths in the city, and how I came to murder an Archduke.” An excerpt of the manuscript discovered in 1967 within the false bottom of a rotten sea chest belonging to a Captain C. Johnson. In the year of our lord 1658, the Albatross was lost with all hands during a hurricane. Stories from merchant sailors describing a shadowy pirate vessel that preyed upon the ill-advised and unlucky have never been confirmed. But in this extraordinary manuscript we have the first proof of its existence, if we are to believe the adventures written by a Tom Hawkins, known to the world as the Marquis de Maintenon. The Marquis Papers detail the exploits of a young boy who finds himself enmeshed in the horrors of 17th century Caribbean society still troubled by creatures we now relegate to fantasy. While he considers himself a failure, he does enlighten us as to the true nature of a number of assassinations and troubling events in the Caribbean. In Vampire Island, we learn of the existence and exploits of Captain Jacque Minuit and his vampire crew. Tom Hawkins relates his encounters with slavers, grave robbers, and characters of ill repute. He tells of silent battles between the vampires and a breed of chronic zombie that pursues them. But we also learn of Tom's brush with nobility in the shape of a young lady so far above his station that he dare not look her in the face and his affection and love for a slave master. We also learn a number of very filthy Carib phrases, which Tom passes on to the reader. Through it all, Tom maintains his dedication to his own possible salvation even after he has been involved in more villainy than most men dream of.

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We learn of his despair at the passing of his father, his terror and determination in the face of the vampire pirates, and his horror at finding himself worse off in the company of fellow mortals. As we move farther into the story, the events detailed are supported by existing historical accounts, though through Tom's eyes the reasons for the battles and fires turns what we know of the world upside down. But Tom's explanations do bring new light to otherwise odd or strange occurrences in the court of Louis XIV. If true, the world owes Tom a debt of gratitude.

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  • GenereHorror
  • Listino:€ 2,40
  • Editore:Smashwords Edition
  • Data uscita:03/04/2018
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  • Formato:EPUB
  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9781370631933

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