Goon Certified and the Crack Mafia Family

Goon Certified and the Crack Mafia Family (versione in eBook)

di Curtis Williams

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Synopisis This is a gangster’s story about how a hungry ghetto swallows up the lives of both men and women living in urban communities worldwide. Goon Certified is a fictional version of the harsh realities of those who chose to live in the fast lane of crime infested Cincinnati, Ohio. Work is a young boy who quickly gains money, power and respect through the blind eyes of drugs, robberies and fearless murders. He and the rest of his Goon Certifies Movement are responsible for creating the environment in which many are forced to become a product of. …But when Don, Work’s older brother, and the leader of the organized crime family known as the Crack Mafia Family soon realize true value of his younger brothers gifted trigger finger and his appetite for money, Don keeps the business in the family and makes work an underboss. Together the Goon Certifies Movement and the Crack Mafia Family join forces and start slaying all competition until their over all goal is accomplished. A goal to feed the hungry streets with their product. By doing so they create countless adversaries including a personal enemy who stands behind a metal shield and wears a blue uniform. An enemy who keeps a strong investigation going with plans to destroy the Goon Certified by all means necessary. Welcome to Goon Certified. Summary of the Goon Certified ‘N’ Crack Mafia From the previous Goon Certified and the Crack Mafia Family novel: It all started with young and money hungry Work and his homie Money. They came up in the fast streets of Cincinnati, Ohio selling drugs (crack). When Work took advantage of the fast money by saving his lucrative profit and put his homie Money on the same plan they became envied by Crack Hill’s veteran hustlers. Money was aware of the haters and didn’t give them the chance to initiate any harm. He shot the Crack Hill veteran Black. In retaliation the Crack Hill men that had love and respect for Black killed Money.

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Work was able to receive a call from Money right when he was being murdered, so he was able to get revenge. His revenge led him into a murdering and robbing area. When he came accustom to the game of robbing he began to gain recognition through the streets. His older brother Don, boss of the Crack Mafia Family took an entrance at his younger brother’s street resumé. Don decided to put Work in position as the underboss of the Crack Mafia Family in control of Goon Certified hit squad. Having the Goon Certified execute all competition by using brute force, robbing and killing whoever didn’t sell drugs for the Crack Mafia Family. Federal agents, victims and his first love, Candice, all became enemies to Work and the Goon Certified with the CIA involved in an investigation on Don to capture his ??? notorious drug cartel boss Grandz. Work was giving a second chance at freedom upon his arrest to give his brother Don up, but Work denied. Grandz took entrance and Work’s loyalty and had order Don to turn his self in for exchange of Works freedom.

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