The Complete Guide to Pomeranians

The Complete Guide to Pomeranians (versione in eBook)

Finding, Preparing for, Socializing, Training, Feeding, and Loving Your New Pomeranian Puppy

di Vanessa Richie

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Pomeranians are one of the toy breeds, but they pack a lot of personality into those little frames. With an appearance like a stuffed toy lion, it is easy to see why they have been so popular for so long. Their intelligence makes them incredibly entertaining to train and great companions. These inquisitive little pups make fantastic watch dogs, even if their size makes them bad guard dogs. Most of the time they will be content to play with you or lounge around with you after a long day. Moderate exercise is absolutely essential for this toy canine, but because of the small stature, long walks are not necessary. A nice 30-minute walk or some dedicated indoor play time is all that is required to keep them fit and healthy. This guide will walk you through the in's and out's of owning this phenomenal breed. Whether you're someone playing with the idea of getting a Pom, or have already embarked on your journey with your pup, this guide will offer an insight into how to create a happy and fulfilling life for you and your Pomeranian. This book will answer all your questions such as:Is a Pomeranian the right dog for me?I brought my Pom home. What now?How can I best train my Pomeranian?What are some common mistakes should I avoid?Topics covered in the book include: Loud Little Charmers – the Defining Characteristics Breed History and Characteristics The Ideal Home Finding Your Pomeranian Preparing for Your Puppy The First Week The First Month Housetraining Socialization and Experience Being a Puppy Parent Living with other dogs Training You Pomeranian Puppy Basic Commands Nutrition Grooming – Productive Bonding Basic Health Care Health Concerns Your Aging Pomeranian Pomeranians have a fairly long history, and many famous people throughout history favored this adorable little canine, people such as Mozart and Queen Victoria. Their long history with humans means that they can be more in tune with your emotions than some other breeds.

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As a result, they can help you feel better when you are down or they can share in your happiness. You will need to plan to socialize your little Pomeranian, as well as train them. They are intelligent and can be stubborn, so you will need to have a firm and consistent approach. These little loves can live up to 15 years, which means that with the right training, you can have a fantastic companion for a very long time. Their love for attention means that they will be more than happy to be with you, and learning and doing tricks to keep from getting bored.

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