Encourage A Child To Study Wild Animals

Encourage A Child To Study Wild Animals (versione in eBook)

di Denzil Walton

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“Encourage A Child To Study Wild Animals” is the second book in the “Encourage A Child” series by Denzil Walton. The series provides ideas and practical steps that adults can use to inspire a child to discover the natural world. Titles include Encourage A Child to watch birds, study small mammals, enjoy creepy-crawlies, learn about trees, and care for the planet. The author’s hope is to see these books enriching young lives in some way, small or large. “Encourage A Child To Study Wild Animals” includes discovering the small mammals living in your garden, building homes for hedgehogs and bats, learning animal tracks, watching deer, identifying small mammals from their teeth, skulls and other bones, making plaster casts of animal tracks, practicing being still, and watching animals at dawn and dusk. The book is intended to be read by any adult who is playing a significant role in a child’s life. Parents obviously spring to mind, but the book would be equally valuable for grandparents; foster parents and step-parents; uncles, aunts and other relatives; friends and neighbours; babysitters and childminders; school teachers; church and youth club leaders; cub, scout and guide leaders, etc. Most of the ideas presented in the book can be applied to children aged between approximately 7 and 12 years old. However, some of the ideas can be applied to younger or older children. This is because the ideas are easy to adapt and apply to a particular child or group of children. In other words, HOW the ideas are put into practice will differ according to the age of the child being encouraged. The ideas presented can be applied anywhere in the world. At times the author gives actual examples of birds, animals, insects, trees etc., that relate to his experiences of living in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. The book starts with an introduction as to how studying wild animals could enrich a child’s life, and then describes 10 Non-Screen Ideas.

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These can be read and implemented from No. 1 to No. 10, or one idea can be selected that seems the most appropriate and relevant to a specific child at that stage of his or her life. It is also feasible to follow a number of ideas in parallel, as they complement each other. One of the author’s objectives in writing the book is to encourage children to step away from screens and explore the natural world around them directly. Consequently, none of the ideas in the book involve screen-based activities such as creating a blog, posting on Facebook, taking photos for Instagram, Tweeting their thoughts, or making a Pinterest pin. There are no ideas that involve children watching the TV, YouTube or a DVD, or searching the Internet. “Encourage A Child To Study Wild Animals” will help a child develop a hobby that they will enjoy now and into the future. Studying wild animals can develop a child's powers of observation, help a child understand ecological concepts and introduce them to basic nature conservation practices. In short, “Encourage A Child To Study Wild Animals” will inspire a child to take up a new hobby and see the natural world through new eyes!

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