How to Be Your Dog's Superhero: Transform Your Dastardly Dog Using the Power of Play

How to Be Your Dog's Superhero: Transform Your Dastardly Dog Using the Power of Play (versione in eBook)

di Dominic Hodgson

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Warning: Do Not Read If You Want To Be a Dog Whisperer! Does your dog really love you? Or, like many owners, is your dog only your best friend when you are cuddling on the couch? When you step outside your front door, is he more interested in every passing dog, bird or half-eaten bag of chips that you come across? Does the mere thought of letting your dog off lead get your heart racing with panic? Well that's how I used to feel, until I discovered how to control - and train - my dog using play. Now I enjoy stress-free walks wherever I take him. I couldn't find a book that would help, so I wrote this one so that you can discover it too. When you have finished this book, you will know: • Why your dog does all those highly annoying things he does - and how you can stop him. It's not your dog's fault but you can quickly improve any situation by following the lessons I teach. • How to find your dog's Kryptonite. This is the thing that will help you transform your naughty pooch into a delightful dog that is the envy of other dog owners. • Where the best place is to train your dog, so you can quickly eliminate bad habits, and avoid the frustration and guilt you feel when you are telling-off your dog all the time. • Who is the best person to help you improve your dog's bad habits (Hint he is standing in your shoes and reading this description right now). • What you can do today to go from being an invisible owner to your dog's superhero. And why you don't need a degree in canine psychology or a masters in woo woo wolf theory to do it! This is a complete, no BS guide to how I went from hapless dog walker to successful trainer. I promise this book will give you the roadmap and confidence you need to train your own dog and have him following you around the park like the Pied Piper, in just six weeks.

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What the worlds leading dog trainers are saying about How to Be Your Dog's Superhero; “Dominic’s book should be of great help to anyone who is having problems controlling their dog – the biggest reason that dogs end up in animal charities in the UK.” John Rogerson, Dog Trainer and Behaviourist “What a well-written, entertaining, and thought-provoking read. This book will challenge much of what you know about dogs, or think you know. It will encourage you to look at things more from the dog’s perspective than from your own and just might give you a whole new, more wholesome understanding of your ‘best friend’.” Robert Alleyne, Dog Trainer and Behaviourist “The world of dog behaviour and training is held in some kind of mystique by many. It doesn’t need to be unless there are serious issues such as aggression and fear, which are often linked! However, even with fear and aggression, often if the owner simply understood that coexistence with the family dog can be achieved easily and without the need for dogs chasing everything they see, often including other dogs, then even some of the more serious behaviour concerns would never arise. Dom, well done. This is a very clearly written book and will help to guide those that read it as to how to have a great life with their family companion dog or dogs.” David M G Davies, Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor

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