How to Avoid the Shakedown By Your Real Estate Agent

How to Avoid the Shakedown By Your Real Estate Agent (versione in eBook)

di Donald Tyler

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Apartment hunting can be a very stressful endeavor. Are real estate agents and landlords really telling you the truth! It can feel like fighting a two headed monster. While a good percentage of real estate agent are honest and do a descent job helping a client find an apartment. The question remains how do you know if someone is telling you the truth or telling you what you want to hear (lying to persuade you to sign a lease)? Don't fall prey to the deceptive scams agents use to take a bite out of your wallet! Do you know all the right questions to ask in order to make an informed and decisive decision on a timely manner to get the best deal possible? You can be working with crooked real estate agents looking for a big payday in your behalf. Then you can have a landlord that could be an actual slumlord. Even worse, a landlord can reject your application as a tenant for any of the following reasons (which are against the law); race, gender, age, for being gay, if you have kids and disability. Real estate agents and landlords share a common goal to maximize their profits on your behalf. Learn some of the tricks and scams so it won't happen to you. Read this book to empower yourself and don't become the next victim! The reality is there are a lot of sharks in the world of real estate and you may not lose an arm or a leg but your wallet may end up with a big chunk missing! In addition, it can be very time consuming and frustrating experience. There are many reasons why the profession of a Real Estate Agent has a bad reputation similar to that of a used car salesperson in a cheap suit which was bought at a local thrift shop. One reason maybe it that most work on commissions only. Thus, every client they get, they can become very greedy and ambitious and try to get as much commission as possible. While all real estate agent and used car salesperson aren’t money hungry and use many deceptive tactics and schemes that ends up putting a big dent in their client pocket.

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They can also be very shrewd. So it really hard to tell who is honest and who is not! Doing a simple search on Google news for the search term “Real Estate Agent” and judge for yourself! Case closed!! You have 2 options! Pay them too much money or save money and pay yourself by reading this book! A guide to providing you a smooth transition while saving you money and renting your next apartment or commercial space you desire! A simple guide that will also tell you the secrets Real estate agents do not want you to know. This guide consist of 12 ways you can protect yourself from real estate scams while looking for a great apartment rental or commercial spot. With so many decisions to make during this process (and information overload), you many end overlooking some important factors! Included here is a checklist of 25 questions to asked and consider before signing that lease! This ebook is full of a lot of meat and potatoes in a way that is very easy to digest and understand. Written by an experienced real estate agent from New York City. By law, and in many states, a real estate agent has a fiduciary duty to act and inform you on your best interest. The problem is that they are stuck in a moral dilemma. If they tell you the actual truth and everything they know about that apartment, they can risk getting a paycheck. The reality is most real estate agents work solely on a commission basis. Either they leave with a paycheck or go home broke! The reality is if they do not get you to sign the lease, then they do not get paid. They are stuck either tell the truth and risk the client lose interest in the apartment or lie or not mention important factors that can put the deal in jeopardy resulting in losing the sale. Once the lease is signed, it is a legally-binding contract, and the real estate agent can get paid as soon as within 24 hours after you sign the contract!

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