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di Evie Snow

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A scarred war journalist seeking absolution. The survivor of Scotland's most notorious serial killer, desperate to keep her identity a secret. Will they find love, or will they be each other's destruction? Sunny Marlow has built a new life for herself in a quaint Scottish Highland village. She's moved on from being the sole survivor of a serial killer but knows her happiness relies on her former identity staying a secret. But now she's forced to risk everything in order to save her headstrong foster-brother from disaster when he signs up to fight in an illegal boxing match. At the match, her worst fears come true when a man who radiates danger tries to talk to her. She escapes back to the Highlands, but he haunts her dreams for days. Seth Legion recognizes Sunny the minute he sees her. He's grieving over the death of a photographer friend who forced Sunny into hiding all those years ago and immediately knows this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to right a life-altering wrong. He tracks Sunny to the Scottish Highlands under the pretense of writing a story about her brother, intending to tell her the truth the minute he can. But he doesn't count on an accommodation mix-up and a fierce mutual attraction getting in the way. Now the chemistry between them is out of control, and Sunny is wondering if she hasn't hidden herself away for too long. While Seth soon realizes that what he feels for Sunny has become more than his mission. WhenSeth's true intentions come to light, will they find love, or will they be each other's destruction? **Captured is a standalone romance in the Scottish Secrets series that packs an emotional punch. If you like strong, well-developed characters, crackling chemistry and satisfying endings that leave you smiling, then you'll love the first novel in Evie Snow's new page-turning series. ** Buy Captured today and experience intense, emotional romance as breath-taking as the Scottish Highlands.

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  • Editore:Evie Snow
  • Data uscita:23/11/2018
  • Pagine:-
  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9781912305094

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