The Black Sun Ascendant: An Assassin's Tale

The Black Sun Ascendant: An Assassin's Tale (versione in eBook)

di Hans V. von Maltzahn

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“THE BLACK SUN ASCENDANT: An Assassin’s Tale” c.2011 and 2015 SYNOPSIS: Victor Colvin, assassin, reluctantly accepts one final job before putting away his gun for good. This assignment will take him across continents and through countries - dodging the local authorities who vow to take him down. Inadvertently, he also stumbles on an archaeological mystery and the beautiful, strong-willed archaeologist behind it. Meanwhile, Doctor Ahu Eser, Chief Archaeologist at a Turkish excavation, is suddenly missing some recently discovered artifacts. To add to her troubles, some of her colleagues are murdered. Why has there been this theft? Who would want her people dead? Are these events linked, and if so, how? As fate throws these two lives together, the one must use all his cunning to avoid capture and stay alive while the other will find herself stymied at every turn in her attempt to discover the truth. Visiting exotic locations in Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States, watch as their paths lead them through intrigue, mayhem and a little romance. Will they finally succeed? Find out in “THE BLACK SUN ASCENDANT: An Assassin’s Tale”, (c.2011), Book 1 of the “Black Sun Series”. ***** A note from the author about the Second Edition of Book One, of the “Black Sun Series” I have been amazed, and delighted with the positive reaction to my first published work of fiction. This encouragement from friends, family, and fans of the Black Sun Series, has pushed me to continue to write the other two books. For this Second Edition of, “THE BLACK SUN ASCENDANT: An Assassin’s Tale”, I have reviewed all of the tips and mistakes pointed out to me by my readers, and incorporated changes into the text accordingly. I have also revised the whole text, in order to create a cleaner looking tablet format.

Quarta di copertina

The essentials of plot and book structure have not changed, since, as the author - I like it! Pierre Berton once wrote in his book, “The Joy of Writing”: "When I bid my manuscript goodbye, I am always in a state bordering on euphoria. I have been living with it for two years or more and am convinced that it is perfect. Has my experience with 'The Invasion of Canada' taught me nothing? ...But I cannot bring myself to believe that my work needs revising." (P. Berton, 2003, page 250) Even Mr. Berton admits that an author has to let his/her manuscript go, eventually, in order to face the sharp eyes of the critical public. Since few authors are professed to be perfect (and I feel that applies to editors as well), there is no shame in having to issue a second edition. I also send my appreciation out to my friend Gordon Vandyke who gave me first-hand insight into helicopters, the pilots who flew them and their proper radio etiquette. Gordon was one of the “crazy Canuks” in the Canadian army’s helicopter corps who flew, among other things, frequent nap-of-the-earth missions in Europe during the cold war. Once again, my many thanks to everyone who took the time to read, enjoy, comment on and leave critiques about, “THE BLACK SUN ASCENDANT: An Assassin’s Tale”. I will always be open to good honest criticism (and compliments too!), so please, do not hesitate to contact me if you think I might be able to improve one of my books in some way; just remember, as the author I always have the final say! Cheers! Hans Victor, Mississauga - 2015

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