HORATIO W. DRESSER (versione in eBook)

Collective Works Nine Book Set

di Horatio W. Dresser, James M. Brand

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HORATIO W. DRESSER Collective Works Nine Book Set A HISTORY OF THE NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT A PHYSICIAN TO THE SOUL EDUCATION & THE PHILOSOPHICAL IDEAL MAN AND THE DIVINE ORDER SPIRITUAL HEALTH & HEALING THE HEART OF IT THE POWER OF SILENCE VOICES OF HOPE THE QUIMBY MANUSCRIPTS All books written by Horatio W. Dresser A HISTORY OF THE NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT Synopsis An excerpt from the book THE term New Thought is more comprehensive than any other that has been applied to the mental-healing movement. The term itself has often been criticized, and some attempts have been made to give it up. It has come to stay, however, and may well be accepted in the widely representative sense in which it is at present employed. Like other terms, it had a natural history implying changes in human interests. A PHYSICIAN TO THE SOUL Synopsis From the preface In these pages a twofold purpose has been achieved, the restatement of the methods and laws of an ideal occupation in terms of living issues, and the inculcation of principles of self-help closely allied with this ideal. Chapters I, VII, and VIII are especially meant for those who would become physicians to the soul, the others more particularly for those who are seeking light on personal problems. The book was written in response to a number of requests none of which I saw fit to meet precisely as stated. These requests in substance called for critical estimates of various theories of mental healing. Critical estimates are apt to be unpleasantly decisive, and it did not seem worthwhile to return to a field which I left several years ago. Moreover, the therapeutic movement within the church has suddenly put the situation in a new light. Hence it seemed more profitable to indicate what I believe to be the next advance, a step in accord with recent investigations in new fields. Finally, I have responded to a request for a refutation of "Christian Science" by writing an essay on the science of the Gospels.

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The book as a whole, then, is constructive, and it points the way to lines of work which may almost wholly supersede methods now in vogue. EDUCATION & THE PHILOSOPHICAL IDEAL From the preface THE doctrine of this book is not put forward as a mere theory of education. In its pages education passes imperceptibly into life, and life becomes philosophical. Its theory is therefore rather an appeal to all that is noblest in life than a detailed educational scheme. The main thesis is that life itself is educational, that the individual possesses instincts which, if freely followed, lead the way to fullest self-expression and the service of humanity. Books, education, and experience furnish the occasion, put the soul in self-command MAN AND THE DIVINE ORDER Synopsis From the preface PROBABLY all thoughtful people would agree that the relation of man to the universe is the profoundest theme that can engage the human mind, but not all would agree in regard to the method to be employed. The present volume aims to meet various practical and philosophical demands without insisting upon any one method except the spontaneous development of thought. SPIRITUAL HEALTH & HEALING From the preface Interest in spiritual healing has reached a point where it is no longer necessary to dwell on such elementary matters as the influence of fear and worry, the power of suggestion and the utilizing of the subconscious. These considerations are now taken for granted by those who believe that inner healing is more than mental. Suggestion is not regarded as decisive except by those who would ignore the spiritual life and limit healing to the sphere of psychology. THE HEART OF IT From the preface Under ordinary circumstances, two books whose existence is a matter of only a year or so would hardly call for an anthology, — a compression of the meat of both into smaller limits. Yet the request for such compression has become a demand. The readers of the two volumes, "The Power of Silence" and "

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