The Almost Wife

The Almost Wife (versione in eBook)

An absolutely gripping and emotional page turner

di Jade Beer

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'Made me sob my heart out... heartbreaking.’ The Writing Garnet Helen knows exactly how many stitches to hem a gown, the best type of silk for summer and how to make any woman look beautiful… but she doesn’t know how to fix her own broken heart. Helen Whittaker’s beloved husband died three years ago. She misses him every moment of every day. The only thing that eases her pain is her job at the White Gallery – a gorgeous boutique tucked away in her tumbledown, wisteria-covered cottage in the English countryside. Helen doesn’t know how to ask for help – not even from her own daughter, who feels so distant since it happened. Helen doesn’t even know she needs saving… but everything is about to change… Sometimes life’s unexpected twists can change everything in a moment. Sometimes heartbreak is the only way you can begin to heal. And sometimes second chances can be found in the most unlikely of places. An unforgettable and emotional book-club read about family, love and life’s unexpected second chances. If you love Jojo Moyes, Nancy Thayer and Mary Alice Monroe, you will adore this unputdownable page-turner. Readers absolutely love The Almost Wife… ‘You’ll need to grab a box of tissues… one of the most captivating, beautiful, and flawlessly written books I think I have ever read… PERFECTLY perfect in every way.’ The Writing Garnet, 5 stars ‘I am not going to lie, but I sobbed in this book. Not just a little trickle of tears, I sobbed where it got plain ugly. God, I loved this book!... I feel like I have made new friends… I cried with them, laughed with them, cheered with them and my heart broke with them.’ Zoo Loo Book Blog, 5 stars ‘I laughed, I cheered, I cried my way through the book… a wonderful, emotional and gripping read that you won’t want to put down.’ Katie’s Book Cave, 5 stars ‘WOW!… I loved each and every one of their stories... really a well-crafted story… Absolutely recommend.

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’ Audio Killed the Bookmark ‘So many issues are covered, overwhelming grief, loneliness, physical insecurities, lack of trust... A beautiful book with words that really resonate.’ Waggy Tales Dog Blog, 5 stars ‘I absolutely loved this book!! really is amazing… it made me feel every emotion there is.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘This book was so good, a good book club choice... Grabbed my attention from page one.’ Goodreads reviewer ‘An emotional journey filled with tears of happiness and sadness.’ B for Book Review, 5 stars ‘A story of love, life and family… a rollercoaster of emotions… a perfect anytime read!’ Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars ‘An emotional and touching story.’ Keeper Bookshelf, 5 stars ‘A gripping take on love and marriage.’ Cosmo ‘A charming, frothy book that packs an emotional punch.’ Red ‘OMG, I cried in the tube!... I thoroughly enjoyed this book, would highly recommend.’ Gill Feldman, 5 stars ‘Full of interesting twists and turns… a great read and one I would highly recommend.’ Chells and Books, 5 stars ‘Brilliantly written.’ Heat ‘An emotional page-turner, full of glossy insider details, you’re in for tears and tulle aplenty.’ Stella ‘A gripping story... Excellent read.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘Uplifting, nuanced and heart-breaking.’ Penny Parkes

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  • Editore:Bookouture
  • Data uscita:20/06/2018
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  • Formato:EPUB
  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9781786813916

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