THE MESSAGE OF NEW THOUGHT (versione in eBook)

di James M. Brand, Abel L. Allen

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THE MESSAGE OF NEW THOUGHT Abel L. Allen I have decoded republish this very famous, but almost forgotten book “The Message Of New Thought”, by one of the very first new thought authors of the 19th century, Abel L. Allen. Anyone who has been following the “new Thought” movement for any number of years should be familiar with the famous writings of Allen. However, if not, you are about to read one of the very best and most respected new thought books in history. I have not changed any of Allen’s original writings. However, I have added the following bonus sections: • What Is The New Thought Movement • Universal Declaration of Human Rights James M. Brand Now let us continue. Abel L Allen The Message of New Thought THOUSANDS of people are constantly asking three questions: What is New Thought? Wherein does it differ from the orthodox religions ? What is the line of divergence between New Thought and Christian Science? The purpose of this volume is to answer these inquiries. To that end it has been my endeavor, not only to set forth the basic ideas of New Thought, but also to compare its principles and teachings with those of the orthodox religions and Christian Science. This course has been adopted for several reasons. So many cults are springing into existence whose teachings differ widely from those of New Thought, yet are parading under its banner, that it is thought desirable to state its principles and philosophy with such certainty and clearness that its real message may hereafter be understood and that its name may be rescued from those seeking to appropriate it without warrant. Great efforts have also been made to blend and combine the philosophy of New Thought with the teachings of the recognized creeds. I leave it to the reader to judge whether such a result is possible or not, when he has finished reading this volume.

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The hope and belief are freely entertained that the fundamental distinctions between New Thought and Christian Science have been stated in such a manner that they may be readily understood. The ethical values of the teachings of New Thought as compared with those of the orthodox religions are duly set forth and emphasized, that each may be carefully studied and weighed. New Thought is largely a restatement of old thought, vitalized with new life and meaning from the discoveries of modern psychology and the latest deductions of science. The reader must bear in mind, however, that the Old Thought was suppressed in the Western Hemisphere for nearly two thousand years; for the first time it is sending its illuminating rays to gladden the Western world. The effort has been made to set forth the essential teachings of New Thought in a concrete form in one convenient volume, and to that end I have drawn with considerable freedom from modern science, philosophy, and the leading writers on New Thought. The quotations employed embrace some of the best thought of modern times. It is my earnest hope that this volume may arouse and animate a general interest in the study of New Thought and awaken a responsive chord to the beauty and sublimity of its teachings. File information: File size (Digital) (574KB) Page count (8.5x11) (170Word count (57731)

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