The Last Diner in the Galaxy

The Last Diner in the Galaxy (versione in eBook)

di Jean Luc Roy

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For the most part life forms in the Cosmos react to stimuli and instincts; while intelligence reacts to cause and effects due to the evolutionary process that formed interconnected webs, which accelerated nascent thought towards an exponential rate of reasoning. Although life is inarguably complex and undoubtedly exist sporadically throughout the Universe; conceptual thoughts capable of wonderment and ideas may not be prevalent in the Cosmos, simply because of "probability" Too many aspects have to gel in order to supplant disorder. However, when thought is bestowed it evolves a range of intelligent aspects, no matter where it originates. Thus, histories inherently caused by what we know as testosterone, are mimicked. Hence, it came to be that on a planet in the far reaches of a Galaxy, a revolution against an insidious Police State took place. Led by Marianne D'Arc, the Civil Rights and the Suffrage Movements joined forces to depose the Junta, and declare a Democratic Republic. Attaining the indelible right of equality in a just society is an ongoing aspiration inherent to thinking beings. Thence, to acquire the vote and the right to decide on conception, and to stop the practice of raising Humanoids as feedstock, the women unleashed an armed rebellion. As he first female leader in the annals of their planet Marianne D'Arc hadn't been taked seriously, for as entrenched chauvinists they'd assumed that a woman did not have the capability of being a threat. However, they were about to have a rude awakening. Sequential events brought her to the forefront. A destiny had been ordained; the woman was about to unleash justice upon the land. Enjoy, Jean-Luc Roy

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