App Design Basics for Professionals

App Design Basics for Professionals (versione in eBook)

di Jennifer Carrington

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It is my unique, personal honor to bequeath shards of wisdom to an inspiring woman of God, fellow businesswoman, and professional confidantJennifer Carrington. She has crafted a timely, succinct, and relevant treatise. This work is a culmination of successive years of fine-tuning, labor, contemplation, and learning moments. This masterpiece, though laconic, injects a cornucopia of powerful principles and emits laser focus on the art of business branding, content, and presentation. Frankly, this book should be a required reading in both the halls of academia and for small/medium enterprises alike. As a personal and business mentor of Jennifer, I have witnessed firsthand how this driven and dogged businesswoman masterfully utilizes the concepts noted in this book in her own businessJ Carrington + Associates. She has proven to me on multiple occasions the value and pertinence of branding, content, and presentation. Her firm has, without slight hesitation, provided astute excellence and value-added service to our jurisdictional platform since I began working with her. As a competent, proven, and savvy businesswoman myself, Ive trodden the deserted road of entrepreneurial persistence from my youth. During the last thirty-three years of trudging through provinces of resistance, peaks of success, and valleys of trepidation, Ive learned the utter importance of crafting and molding the essential elements of branding. Without the organic and pliable foundation of branding, my quick-serve restaurant holdings company, V & J, would have flatlined with my initial Burger King acquisition. But by positioning and pivoting my firm as a brand unto itself, my company has been catapulted into a vast conglomeration of multiple food-service brands. As such and with the advent of global technology and social media, branding should be the lifeblood of any. Congratulations, Jennifer, and on serious entrepreneurial endeavorswhether small or large.

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Read this book and find out why! May the Lord continue to shine his favor upon you as share your insights and unpretentious learnings relative to branding, creation content, relational data maintenance, and presentational swagger with us all. Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter, president and CEO, V & J Holding Companies Inc.

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