The new book of the spirits

The new book of the spirits (versione in eBook)

di Karine Chateigner

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There have been no other books devoted to the essential questions on life with answers provided by the spirits since the Book of Spirits by Allan Kardec wrote in 1857 by Allan Kardec (founder of the spiritualist doctrine in the form of questions/answers by using the teachings of the spirits.   The New Book of Spirits is again the scene of questions with answers given by the spirits. These concern metaphysics and philosophy in the context of present day and ongoing spiritism. The “afterlife”, faced with our society of today and with the scientific and technological changes which have taken place since the 19th century, is anxious to make people increasingly aware of spiritism. As Allan Kardec says: “the only steadfast faith is that which can look reason right in the face at all stages of humanity”.    There have certainly been many works of philosophy published by brilliant authors that have contributed to the advancement of spiritism since the death of its founder. What has been missing, however, is a follow-on orchestrated by the spirits themselves. This book endeavours to fill that gap. It will become apparent that “the afterlife” still has a lot to say when it comes to explaining and lighting the path of human beings in their existence.    God and the Universe, Creation, Genesis, Evolution of worlds and the spirits, Inhabited worlds - Mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms - Afterlife in all its facets - Reincarnation - Prophets - Enigmas of ancient civilisations - Medical mediumship, trans mediumship, automatic writing, oui-ja board, clairvoyance/clear-sightness - Natural medicine, herbal medicine, hypnosis, magnetism, healing - Contemporary science, dowsing, psychometrics, psychokinesis, levitation, telepathy – Current society events, education, suicide, sexuality, abortion, justice, euthanasia, politics, freedom, death penalty  are all dealt with in this book. The revelations given will throw a new light on our still very approximate knowledge of this world.

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    Who, in spite of their religious beliefs and ideas, has never felt the urge to communicate with the deceased ? Allan Kardec believed and supposed that it was possible to communicate with those who had gone before him at a different level. Our parents, our friends, spirits.....and he succeeded.   Today, this work is being continued as man has always believed in life after death. Death....and what next ? Is there life after death ? The answer is yes. No one is forced to accept this, of course, but we feel obliged to answer the messages and manifestations from spirits. And this book is here to continue to give answers to questions that are constantly being asked.    Our aim is not to convince you, but merely to give evidence and say that there are people who believe that death is not the end and have communicated with the deceased in order to be sure of this.    There is no question of religion here, simply research made up of numerous experiments. This research which began 43 years ago has led us to the same conclusion as Allan Kardec. The spirit indeed continues to live after death. Those that you loved can hear you, understand you and most probably send you a sign which can be a knock, a visible manifestation or a dream. No matter what it is, it is their way of getting in touch with you. This book, the follow up to the Book of Spirits, continues to tell us what they think, what they know and what they are. Everything here is factual and has been experienced.   We hope that you, dear reader, will receive it in that way. This book is a gift...the answers that lie in its pages come from those you have loved, from those you continue to think of and who continue to live inside your hearts and minds.

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