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The REAL Secret to Building a Successful Personal Trainer Career

di Kim Staflund

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The objective of this ebook is not to recommend any specific health, diet, or fitness regimens for personal trainers to follow. The primary audience for this book is self-employed personal trainers who are creating your own customized programs for various individuals, and my assumption is that you’ve been doing this for a while now. You’ve already built up a complete collection of personal trainer materials that you can draw from. My intention is to show you how to expand the business you’ve already created—to, in essence, “clone yourself” so you can reach even more clients around the world while earning passive income on the side. Potentially significant passive income. As someone with 25 years’ experience in book publishing, sales, and marketing, I can show you how to self-publish professional grade personal trainer guides that will allow you to supplement your income in an efficient way. I know you’re already busy enough as it is, and there are only so many hours in the day, so efficiency is crucial. I get it, and that’s why I think this type of self-publishing program is perfect for you. WHY EBOOKS AND AUDIOBOOKS SUIT PERSONAL TRAINERS We all have a preferred learning style and strength whether it be audio, visual, or kinesthetic. Some prefer a more social gym setting where others prefer a more solitary workout environment. Obviously, ebooks and audiobooks have a great appeal for audio and visual solitary learners, and this is why they’re such a great addition to personal trainer programs. Your more visual learners may prefer to savour and digest the images and text in front of them, in between sets, in the quiet comfort of a personal gym. A personal trainer ebook not only allows them to do this, but it also allows them to go back and review what they’ve read, to give it further thought before and after starting a new program.

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Audiobooks are also useful personal trainer tools, particularly for the busy adult learners who spend much of their time commuting on a daily basis—whether they’re driving to and from work, or taking their kids to and from extracurricular activities after school. These individuals are often left with little spare time for any kind of “traditional” training, so audiobooks are a welcome alternative. Personal trainers can inspire and encourage these individuals to improve their lives by producing motivational audiobooks to complement other health and fitness programs. This allows your clients to further absorb your words of advice during a break at work, a morning jog, on a plane, or even in the car. WHY SIGNIFICANT INCOME IS POSSIBLE FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS Over the years, I’ve learned that the traditional (trade) book publishing method doesn’t work well for everyone. I come across more and more professionals who want to publish a book for all kinds of different reasons—to promote a business, educate or inspire others, et cetera—and they want it done quickly (e.g., within four to six weeks), and with a minimal upfront investment. This book details the independent publishing method many authors around the world are now using to earn six-figure incomes; and I believe it is a great fit for personal trainers based on all the different clients (e.g., seniors, middle age adults, young adults, teenagers, males, females, et cetera) and subject matter (e.g., different muscle groups, different food groups, et cetera) that you can cover. The sky is the limit in your field, and self-publishing provides an opportunity for you to expand your business and genuinely help more clients without over-extending your workload. NO INTEREST IN WRITING A BOOK YOURSELF? THAT’S OKAY. YOU DON’T HAVE TO Although some authors both qualify and have the time to write their own books, others might choose to hire a professional ghostwriter to help them create that compelling narrative. Both are accepta

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