How to Sell a Children’s Book Series

How to Sell a Children’s Book Series (versione in eBook)

Without Any Prior Sales Experience!

di Kim Staflund

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Who did I write this ebook for? Children’s book authors—aspiring and already published. That’s a given. But this is not for adults alone. My intention is to take things a step further by providing key information about selling children’s books to both adults and their children. Why? Because if you or your child is anything like me, then that aspiration to write and someday publish began at a very young age. In that case, this will likely be a lifelong passion; so, why not learn some of the business aspects of this industry early on? While some children are encouraged to learn basic economics by setting up lemonade stands on the sidewalks in front of their homes, perhaps others can learn the same skills by self-publishing ebooks online—by following their lifelong passions in the process. This is how one’s writing career often begins, particularly when that individual starts writing as a child: poetry, short stories, chapter books. Eventually, these works of art may turn into graphic novels or full-length novels. Maybe he or she will stick with fiction or move to non-fiction. Maybe the intended audience will change from children to young adults to adults as the years go by. The good news is, the sky is the limit when it comes to one’s imagination and passion. Both Dr. Seuss and J.K. Rowling have certainly enjoyed years of massive success by sticking with children’s book audiences; so, if that’s where your heart is, stick with it. It’s unnecessary to change who you are or what you desire to write about regardless of others’ opinions on the matter. That’s the truth. Whatever children’s book is being written, there is a market for it. One simply needs to understand how to reach that target market. There are some fundamentals to the business aspect of book publishing, sales, and marketing that can help every author improve his or her chances of commercial success no matter what type of book is being sold, and that’s what this ebook is about.

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It outlines, from start to finish, the process that many of today’s most successful independent authors are using to sell thousands of books online each year. If it can work for them, it may well work for you and/or your child. Since I started seriously writing and enquiring about my publishing options at age 10 myself, I’ve marked the appropriate age range for this ebook as between the ages of 10 and 15 years old even though the topic matter being covered is fairly in-depth. That’s because we’re discussing all kinds of children’s books in here (e.g., novellas, chapter books, picture books, et cetera); and, of course, the intention is for parents to read this book along with your children so you can help them with additional research and understanding as needed. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, that all adults who are interested in writing, publishing, and selling children’s books will also gain important insight from this ebook. This book is not only for children and their parents. It’s for everyone who is interested in learning how to sell a children’s book series online. Why do I refer to “a children’s book series” rather than simply “a children’s book” you’re wondering? There is a very good reason for this. Read on to learn why…

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