Campus Heat 2: Friend Zone Phase

Campus Heat 2: Friend Zone Phase (versione in eBook)

di Lily Taffel

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AFTER ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS OF YOUR LIFE, YOU GET... FRIENDZONED!!! Imagine… You meet a man in the most embarrassing manner. Before you know it, in a totally unguarded moment of sheer passion, you end up in his arms. The days pass and you get to know him more. He’s funny, assertive, sensitive and, by his own admission, awesome. Unpredictable and impulsive, he goes to great lengths to please you. What would make you turn him down? Imagine… You have just met the perfect girl in an unlikely encounter. You spend time together and find that you really enjoy her company. You decide to go for it. You tell her how you feel. She turns you down. She just wants to be friends. Despite the rejection, the two of you remain great friends. Time spent with her is time well spent. How far will you go to win her? Friend Zone Phase: Campus Heat 2 continues the story of Eric, the toughest suitor any deserving woman could find, and Laila, the confused recipient of Eric’s unwavering commitment to win her heart. If you’ve been friendzoned, you know how it feels. If you’ve had to act against your natural urges, you know how painful it could be. Follow Eric and Laila as they find their way around. Will Eric’s devotion be enough? Will he finally win her over? Warning: This story contains adult themed graphical descriptions that a small number of readers might find offensive, including sexual acts and suggestive themes. This is the second book in the Campus Heat Series. If you haven’t yet, grab the first one NOW! Look for: Coed Night: Campus Heat 1 BONUS FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE BOOK!!! EXCERPT “YOU, you are unpredictable – which make you fun,” she explained, “but I don’t think I’m ready for unpredictable just yet. But don’t change ok, that’s what makes you awesome.” “No way! You don’t use my line to shoot me down! Unpredictable?” “Yes,” she replied.

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Deep inside her she got the feeling that she was going to regret this, “Friends?” “You mean like someone to hang around with, go crazy with, and do silly stuff with?” “Yeah,” she said, nodding appreciatively, “something like that.” “I don’t know if I can do that,” Eric said, trying to appear pensive. “But if you let me kiss you, I might agree to it.” “You’re not going to let this go are you?” “Not a chance, I only wear this suit for something big, you know.” “OK. I’ll let you kiss me.” “In there?” he asked, pointing at her lips. “In here,” she repeated. “Then friends?” “Friends, yes.” “Well, alright then, let’s get on with it,” he announced, cracking his knuckles and testing his breath. “Alright, come here...” Download and discover why readers are raving about Lily Taffel. Scroll up and get the book now!

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