More Power to You

More Power to You (versione in eBook)

Declarations to Break Free from Shame and Take Back Your Life

di Margaret Feinberg

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Each of the 52 devotions in More Power to You by Bible teacher Margaret Feinberg examines a popular lie in our culture, helps us understand how that lie shows itself in our lives, and invites us to replace that lie with a biblical affirmation of truth that will bring joy to your soul. In a culture that constantly tells us we're not good enough, not beautiful enough, and not doing enough, it's easy to feel as if we have nothing to offer. Lies about who we are and how we are failing slip into our thinking until we believe they are reality. But that's not what God intends for us. In More Power to You, Margaret Feinberg exposes these false beliefs and shows you that the places of your deepest hurts can become wellsprings of your greatest healing. Here Margaret shares the daily practice that has been so life changing for her: the 90-Second Daily Declaration Challenge. You'll launch into each day by reading the Daily Declaration aloud, paying attention to what the Holy Spirit may be highlighting for you. Then you'll read through the weekly devotions that examine each line of the Daily Declaration, exploring the what and the why behind those biblical truths. These brief but powerful devotions are designed to unleash the true you--and remind you of who you really are. More Power to You equips you to embrace your true identity every day. You'll find power in knowing you are already worthy in God's eyes. As you begin to live out that truth, you will break free from the negative thoughts that hold you hostage and experience the joyous life God wants for you.

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