How To Give Up Alcohol Course

How To Give Up Alcohol Course (versione in eBook)

di Rahul Nag

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The How To Give Up Alcohol Course: The Complete Course designed to help you give up alcohol or moderate your drinking - now and forever! Coming up to 10 years of helping the world change its drinking! Learn how to undo the long-term damage which heavy drinking has been causing you. Imagine living a healthier life where you no longer poison your body and brain with the toxins from alcohol! Where you are in control and can decide whether to give up entirely or to stick to the limits you set. Deal directly with the causes of your drinking so you can finally feel happy, confident and relaxed about life. Make your friends and family proud of you when they see the changes you have made. The Course Contains Powerful Bonuses We Will E-Mail To You (Simply e-mail your invoice to us info @ and we will e-mail them to you within 24-36 hours): The Course also includes an exclusive Hypnosis MP3 recorded by a professional London, England based Hypnotherapist. This recording designed to be listened to every night before bed will help you automatically relax around alcohol without having to do anything. 30 Day Alcohol E-Mail Course. Everyday you will receive an e-mail with case studies, tips, solutions and more to help you stop drinking. Many people have said that this is the thing which helped them keep going when it seemed like it would be impossible for them to ever stop drinking. Behavioral Science Video Series to help you stop drinking. Research coming from Harvard Business School and other leading US Universities will show you specific tools you can use right away to help you stop drinking. What Is Alcohol Doing To Me? E-Book - This e-book goes into a lot of detail as to what exactly happens to you and your body when you drink alcohol. Which organs are effected? What is the damage done? It is critical for you to understand how you are damaging yourself when you drink too much. Don't miss out on this Bonus.

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How To Eliminate Stress and Worry From Your Life: Stress and Anxiety is a major cause of drinking too much. This bonus will allow you to take charge of the factors which cause you to feel stressed out. You will then be in control of drinking and feel much more relaxed and less worried in general. Join over 1,346 people from all around the world including all 50 US States who have taken this Course You can watch a video testimonial for the Course on YouTube: Benefits of the Course Use this in the privacy and comfort of your own home Work this around your own time and schedule - at your own pace This is uniquely tailored to your own requirements - other approaches from AA to rehab require you to fit into a 'one size fits all approach' - This Course is non-judgmental or critical - you decide if you want to continue drinking but within safe limits or if you want to give up drinking forever So, please purchase the Course and make changes to your drinking in 30 days or less!

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