Worry-Free Living

Worry-Free Living (versione in eBook)

Let Go of Stress and Live in Peace and Happiness

di Ryuho Okawa

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We all dream of solving our worries and problems so we can achieve a life of inner peace and happiness. But life often lays new worries and fresh problems upon our path to overcome. In this book, Worry-Free Living: Let Go of Stress and Live in Peace and Happiness, author Ryuho Okawa offers essential spiritual solutions for developing mindsets and perspectives that allow us to cultivate peace of mind even as we go through life's array of difficult experiences. We will be able to discover negative patterns of thought that we are not even aware of and face the fierce waves of life's hardships from a higher perspective, and see them as the calm gentle ripples of the sea. Illustrated with examples that we typically find at home, at work, and in business, he discusses basic mental attitudes that will help you manage stress, improve relationships at home and at work, and cope with your fears of an uncertain future. Chapter 1 looks at the stresses caused by relationship problems, financial difficulties, and aging, and discusses how we can develop a healthier relationship with stress. We can stop stressing about life's difficulties when we shift our focus away from our worries and toward serving others for the better. Chapter 2 focuses on healing human relationships and gives us three constructive perspectives we can cultivate: being aware that others may have different opinions, looking at the positives within others instead of their faults and weaknesses, and drawing healthy boundaries between ourselves and others to help promote inner peace for each other. Chapter 3 shows that comparison with others is at the cause of unhappiness, and discusses the importance of practicing a heart that blesses others' happiness and accomplishments. A mindset that isn't always obsessed about others' flaws and faults is a key to freeing our mind of worries and jealousy and achieving happiness. In chapter 4, Okawa talks about how we can overcome many of life's storms of adversity.

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Becoming aware of the mindsets that attract unhappiness to ourselves, will lets us conquer egoistic attitudes and choose the right path in life. Chapter 5 is about accepting our difficult experiences as part of our life's workbook of problems we must solve, so that we can open our mind and path to miracles and the precious guidance of heaven. The practice of these key spiritual mindsets will free yourself from worries and open your path to the guidance of heavenly miracles and a life of peace and happiness. Let this book help you face the sources of your stress and unhappiness positively and constructively by accepting them as precious experiences to cultivate your mind and soul.

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