Under The Magic

Under The Magic (versione in eBook)

di Terri Talley Venters

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Under The Magic 3 continents, 4 countries, 6 cities, and 6 different Disneyland parks worldwide. Under the Magic is a collection of six novellas, each set in, under, nearby all 6 Disneyland parks worldwide. Archaeologists, Victoria and Tommy, find amazing discoveries under or near each park in novellas—Sulfur Springs, Europium Gem Mine, Noah’s Nickel, Manganese Magic, Platinum Princess, and Plutonium Princess. Sulfur Srpings Victoria Ventures, a beautiful, young, archaeologist, travels too much to find time for love. But at her best friend’s wedding in Scotland, she meets Tommy Garrison, a handsome archaeologist. Falling for each other instantly, he asks her on a first date. Selecting Disney World, they meet at the most magical place on earth. Enjoying the theme parks, scrumptious meals, and each other, they spend one afternoon playing golf. After slicing a ball into the woods, they discover a sinkhole. Their archaeological curiosity takes them into the hole where they discover an underground cave system. Returning the next day with gear and supplies, they follow the caverns for miles before stumbling upon the archaeological find of the century. Europium Gem Mine In the sequel to Sulfur Springs, Archaeology couple Victoria Ventures and Tommy Garrison head to Paris. While biking near Disneyland Paris, they find an abandoned apartment building sunken twenty feet. Exploring the cause, they discover a catacomb system which collapsed under the weight of the building. The cave system leads underneath Disneyland Paris, and they discover the find of the century. Noah’s Nickel Archaeology couple Victoria Ventures and Tommy Garrison head to Asia to knock three worldwide Disney parks off their Bucket List. This third installment in the Under The Magic series begins in Kentucky where Tommy surprises Victoria with a day at the new tourist attraction—The Ark Adventure. This full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark depicts the biblical tale of the Great Flood.

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After jetting across the Pacific Ocean, they arrive in Shanghai and check into the Toy Story Hotel. After a few days enjoying Shanghai Disneyland, they hike and camp in the nearby mountains. Thanks to Victoria's tendency for distractions by shiny objects, she finds a cave which leads them to the greatest archaeological find in a millennium. Manganese Magic Archaeologists Victoria Ventures and Tommy Garrison are in Asia to cross three Disneyland parks off their Bucket List. In this fourth installment of the Under The Magic Series, the spelunking couple flies to Hong Kong and checks into the Hollywood Hotel. After a big breakfast buffet at Chef Mickey’s, they mistakenly ride a roller coaster—Big Grizzly Runaway Mine Cars. While waiting in line, they notice the rock formation hosting the ride is real. When the ride breaks down, Victoria jumps out of her mine car and vomits in an alcove. When Tommy jumps out to check on her, they discover a real mining cart on a separate set of tracks. Curiosity takes over and they jump into the cart, release the lever, and roll deep into and underground honeycombed with caves where they discover the find of a lifetime! Platinum Princess Archaeologists Victoria Ventures and Tommy Garrison are in Disneyland Tokyo Tommy sees a family of angels fly to the castle and disappear into a green swirling cloud. They walk through the green cloud which is actually a portal to an island paradise. Platinum Princess is full of surprises and magical creatures—witches, angels, fairies, and Sirens! Plutonium Princess Victoria Ventures and Tommy Garrison cross the final Disneyland park off their Bucket List. During an earthquake in California, an enormous crack appears in the ground and archaeologists descend into the Earth. Jules Verne was right, the Earth is hollow after all, and they discover the most amazing archaeological find Under The Magic!

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  • Collana:Under The Magic
  • Data uscita:01/12/2019
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