A Brief History of Your Very Near Future

A Brief History of Your Very Near Future (versione in eBook)

di Bartlett Jamie

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A deep dive into what the future holds for our digital lives, from how we die online to how to tell the truth in the era of Deep Fakes, by the prizewinning author of The People Vs Tech and The Dark Net Puts you and your life at the centre of the story about our digital future, which is already here and has consequences for everything from democracy to our very humanity, none of which we have reckoned with yet. REALITY You can no longer tell the difference between a bot and a human, and emotionally you are long past caring. CONTROL Your smart devices and intelligent possessions are not only measuring you but judging you. FREE WILL You’re now unable to protect your free will as micro profiling and neuro hacking can manipulate you at will. INEQUALITY You’re part of a new tech underclass, never off-grid, always on and working at the economic zero hours digital interface. TRUTH In the face of deep fake technology, truth has become a meaningless bankrupt currency. What do you replace it with? SECURITY The new digital and nano-robotic technologies means there is always threat – nowhere, no one and nothing is really safe anymore. TRUST Now algorithms are making all the decisions, how do we hold ourselves to account? HUMAN You can now hack your DNA and intelligence at will, should you have the right to this, and how does it affect our humanity? DEATH A virtual version of yourself can now live on after death, what does this mean for the living and the dead?

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