Shroud of Fog (A Cape Trouble Novel)

Shroud of Fog (A Cape Trouble Novel) (versione in eBook)

di Johnson Janice Kay

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The Cape Trouble series is an original romantic suspense series from RITA-Award-winning author Janice Kay Johnson. Known for delivering stories that combine strong, realistic characters, compelling mysteries and deeply emotional romances, Johnson once again delivers in the first book, Shroud of Fog.The secrets of the past haunt the present…Cape Trouble, a tiny Oregon Coast town, was named for the dangerous off-shore reefs. But some of its citizens seek refuge from their own troubles…which have a way of following them.Sophie Thomsen’s life had a Before and an After – marked by the terrifying morning when she found her mother dead in the foggy sand dunes, an apparent suicide. Now, twenty years later, Sophie returns to Cape Trouble, only to find her aunt brutally murdered. Although she swore never to set foot again on Misty Beach, Sophie takes over her aunt’s crusade to save the falling-down Misty Beach Resort and its wild sand dunes and beach from development. But Sophie’s memories threaten a killer…who doesn’t dare let her remember too much.Having come to Cape Trouble to heal his own wounds, Police Chief Daniel Colburn investigates the present day murder, but begins to suspect Sophie’s mother was another murder victim, not a suicide. Everything he learns increases his fear for the woman he is coming to love.Sophie’s fate may be to die in a shroud of fog, just like her mother before her, unless she can trust Daniel to help her uncover her past in time.What people are saying about the romantic suspense novels of Janice Kay Johnson:"[G]uaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder more than once in this explosive, fast-paced thriller."- Linda Silverstein, ROMANTIC TIMES (on Dangerous Waters)"Studded with tension and skillfully riveting, [it] will capture you from the first page and won't let go until the end."- Kay Gragg, AFFAIRE DE COEUR (on Dangerous Waters)“Janice Johnson always delivers fine, strong writing with an emotional, heartfelt punch.

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”- Jayne Ann Krentz, New York Times Bestselling Author"Janice Kay Johnson adds a special touch to a problem ripped out of today's headlines with memorable characters, strong interplay and a few heart-stopping moments."- Pamela Cohen, ROMANTIC TIMES (on Jack Murray, Sheriff)“I’ve never read Ms. Johnson’s work before and all I can say is I will be finding everything else she’s ever written. This story is so masterful it takes you inside this small town and really makes you think you are there.”- Sara HJ, HARLEQUIN JUNKIES (on Everywhere She Goes)Although this is a stand-alone novel, the reading order for the Cape Trouble series is:Shroud of Fog (Book 1)See How She Runs (Book 2)Twisted Threads (Book 3)Whisper of Revenge (Book 4)Trigger Words (Book 5) - Coming Soon

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