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A crackling Christmas mystery that combines murder and blackmail at a holiday office party, in a mashup reminiscent of Big Little Lies and Clue. There are only a few rules in a White Elephant gift exchange: Everyone brings a wrapped gift. No name. Numbers are drawn to decide who picks first. You don’t want to draw an early number, because anyone who picks after you can steal your gift, and anyone after them can steal their gift, and so on. Gifts don’t need to be pricey—and often they’re downright tacky. But things are a little different in Aspen, Colorado, at the office holiday party for the tony real estate firm owned by Dan McCallion and his ex-wife, Ottoline. Each Christmas sparks a contest among the already competitive staff to see who can buy the most coveted gift, the one that will get stolen the most times, the one that will prove just how many more commissions they earned that year than their colleagues. Designer sunglasses, deluxe spa treatments, front row concert tickets. This year, though, there’s a strange gift in the mix: an antique crystal vase. At least the sales agents are guessing it’s an antique—otherwise it’d be a terrible present. It’s certainly not very pretty or expensive-looking. In fact, the gift makes sense only to Dan and Ottoline. The vase is the weapon Dan used to commit a murder years ago, a murder that helped start his company, a murder that Ottoline helped cover up. She swore that no one would ever be able to find the vase or trace it to their crime. So which of their employees did? And why did they place it in the White Elephant? What could possibly be their endgame? Over the course of the evening, Dan and Ottoline race to figure out who could have planted the weapon, and just what the night means for the secrets they’ve been harboring. Further adding to the drama is a snowstorm that closes nearby roads—preventing anyone from leaving, as well as keeping law enforcement from the scene.

Quarta di copertina

And by the end of this crazy night, the police will most definitely be required.

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  • Editore:Simon & Schuster
  • Data uscita:01/11/2019
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  • Lingua:Inglese
  • EAN:9781501199929

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